The purpose of the Mena Airport Commission is to investigate, review, report and make recommendations to the City of Mena leadership on the use and future use of the Mena Intermountain Municipal Airport and its facilities.  Additionally the Airport Commission is to review periodically the operating procedures of the Airport in order to assure compatibility of such procedures with the welfare of the community and to uphold the Mena Airport Minimum Standards.

Working through the airport manager, the Airport Commission makes recommendations to the Mena City Council regarding the airport's physical growth, economic development, proposed land use relating to leases and fixed base operations and establishment of policy for airport operations.
Mena Intermountain Municipal Airport offers Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) services for most aircraft including small and mid-sized commercial airliners.  The field is designed for all aircraft that are C-III design criteria or less.

The world renowned aircraft industry at Mena employs many technicians within the fields of general maintenance, structural engineering, aircraft painting, and upholstery.  The airport has its own workforce training facility through Rich Mountain Community College. 

The Mena Airport makes available a wide range of facilities and services to the aviation industry.


Mena Intermountain Municipal Airport in Mena, Arkansas provides the location for complete and quality aircraft services.  It is home to true artisans in the field of aircraft maintenance. 

Located in the geographical center of the United States, Mena is situated to serve you regardless where you are located.  Whether you are in need of aircraft painting services, engine repair or rebuilding, airframe repair, upholstery, or avionics repair, Mena Airport is the right spot.